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From "Shaw, Dan" <>
Subject [users@httpd] Realy Need help - Apache PROXY Question
Date Thu, 18 Oct 2007 22:28:21 GMT


Problem: Need to proxy an incoming URL to an internal web server.


Requirement: Needs to be a double proxy.  The first proxy will receive
the incoming URL via https from the Internet.  The first proxy lives in
the Web DMZ.  The first proxy will forward the URL to the second proxy
via http.  The second proxy lives in the App DMZ.  The final destination
is a web server that lives on the internal network.


Complication: the incoming URL and the destination URL are different.


Incoming URL:


Destination URL: http://<internal


The double proxy works if the URL is constant, such as -
PReceive.dll?EloanInbound/.  The first proxy keys off of proxy1 and the
second proxy keys off of proxy2 such that the resulting URL to the
internal web server contains


The big question is whether Apache supports the ability to
rewrite/redirect the URL and proxy that rewritten/redirected URL, all
the while keeping the proxy connections open?  If this is possible, then
how is it done?


Thanks in advance for any help.



Rick / Dan


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