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From Chris Howell <>
Subject [users@httpd] Directory Vs Location.
Date Tue, 04 Sep 2007 21:27:07 GMT
Hi all.

Can somebody please explain what the difference is between using the 
/directory/ directive and the /location/ directive in my apache 
httpd.conf file. Also when it is appropriate to use which. The reason I 
am asking is, I am trying to get Trac running with Apache and both Trac 
& Apache with mod_python installed work fine independently of one 
another. I've tested apache, and I've tested trac with the the stand 
alone server.

The reason I am asking is trying to get Trac working I am told to put.

<Location "C:/Program Files/Apache Software 
  Satisfy all
  SetHandler mod_python
  PythonInterpreter main_interpreter
  PythonHandler trac.web.modpython_frontend
  PythonOption TracUriRoot /Worldview

But it doesn't seem to work and I am thinking that I could make a better 
decision if I fully understood the location directive.

Chris Howell
Software Engineer
the PYXIS innovation - /Common Ground for Digital Earth

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