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From "Stusynski, Dan" <>
Subject [users@httpd] IPv6 Configuration - Windows
Date Fri, 17 Aug 2007 18:38:40 GMT
I built Apache 2.2.4 on Win XP sp2 from source and everything works fine
except 1 thing.
In httpd.conf I have the following Listen directives:
Listen ipv4_address:88
Listen [ipv6_address]:88
After starting Apache, it appears to receive requests for both
http://ipv4_address:88 and http://[ipv6_address]:88 (as expected).
However, if I put the generic listen addresses:
Listen [::]:88
The browser request never seems to reach Apache and never times out when
browsing to http://hostname:88 or http://ipv4_address:88 or
http://ipv6_address:88. The browser just seems to hang and the request
never reaches Apache. After looking at the documentation this seems as
if it should work, but doesn't.
The box I'm testing on doesn't have an IPv6 address that DNS will
resolve but I have added that host/ip in my hosts file on my machine.
Even still, I would have expected when explicitly typing in the IPv4
address it would have resolved as it did with the previous listen
directives. Could this just be a name resolution issue I'm overlooking
and that the generic addresses should work?
I've tried numerous other Listen directives such as using the host name
or using the generic addresses that listen on seperate ports and every
configuration seems to work. 
Any thoughts are appreciated.
Dan Stusynski

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