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From "Harvey Saayman" <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] im stuck, plz help...
Date Tue, 07 Aug 2007 22:22:18 GMT
thank you so much for the help given so far... 

now a demon of a different kind reared its ugly head...

i set up m Listen directive to "Listen 80"... i then tried http://localhost and my html displays
right im my browser... i got my ppp0 internet IP which was tonight and i tried now i dont get the index.htm created for my testing purposes like i
got using http://localhost, instead i get a test page that came with apache that just sais
"Its works". the dir to this htm is C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Apache2.2\htdocs
on my pc... i checked my httpd.conf file and that dir isnt even in there anymore... (im using
C:/www for my htm and logs). i tried replacing that "it worx" htm with my one and still the
same problem... i dont know were apache gets told to go there cuz i can see any other directives
pointing to a dir other that the ones i set up myself

can this be because of my internet gateway on my home network? Sander Temme sugested the following
" you'll need a port forward from the Linux router to your Windows box to make your Apache
server visible from the Internet" i dont hav a clue how to do this YET but this is infact
how im running my setup... i have a linux gateway on my home network which connects to the
internet, behind it i have my win pc running apache... being a noob at this i dont know if
that could be the problem

further more... i know its beyond the scope of this mail list but i think it is in fact relevent
to the subject which is webhosting... as ive read a user input an URL into the browser which
then goes to the users IPS's DNS servers which goes to one of 13 or 14 main DNS servers in
the world which then goes to smaller DNS servers to the specific ISP which then directs that
"query" if you will to your http servers IP... this is my current understanding of how that
works. now eventualy id like to host more than one site EG and
and . can i somehow host a DNS server myself? or do i have to register a DNS
like the one offered here ... and if i cant
host it myself will the DNS registration here be enough to get my end result of the user using and then directing it to my IP? and then another Question do i need a seperate
IP for each domain and and or will one
do the job if i somehow localy split the queary to go the right index.htm for the respective

thank you so much for the help and patience with my probably stupid questions... ive lerned
so much alredy

                 HaRvEy SaaymaN

       <<---< Chaos reigns within >--->>
<<---< Reflect, repent, and reboot >--->>
         <<---< Order shall return >--->>
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