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From "Ravi Prakash" <>
Subject [users@httpd] r->notes among apache modules
Date Tue, 07 Aug 2007 12:18:52 GMT


I am using r->notes to maintain values of some variables among apache

I am setting values in r->notes table in a module as follows:


/* Under Module A */


static int A_handler (request_rec *r)


apr_table_t *table=NULL;


apr_table_set(r->notes,"MyNote","My Personal message to a module A ");



Now I want to read the value of  "MyNote" in Module B.


/* Under Module B */


Static int B_Handler(request_rec *r)


Const char *data;


ap_rprintf((r, "<H1>%s </H1>",data);




I compiled the full source codes and inserted Both The modules successfully.

I opend the two Browsers and called Handler of Module A first and  then on
2nd Brower, I called handler of  Module B.


I got Null printed on 2nd Browser.



Can any one guess my fault, if I have any.


Plz guide me to right way , How can I access that value.




Thanks In Advance






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