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From "Matt M." <>
Subject [users@httpd] Hardware Based Apache Cluster - help!
Date Fri, 13 Jul 2007 00:49:42 GMT

I've got a small cluster (5) of Apache servers. I've got lots of questions
about this but I'll just start with one for now! :)

It's a hardware balancer.

I'm wondering if I can sym link each Apache "conf" directory to the shared
NFS mount:

node1: /shared-nfs
node1: /etc/httpd/conf -> /shared-nfs/etc/httpd/conf

node2: /shared-nfs
node2: /etc/httpd/conf -> /shared-nfs/etc/httpd/conf

It would allow me to have one set of config files for easier maintenance.
I've tried sharing the conf/httpd.conf file and it seems to work fine. I was
curious about the ServerName though, should it be the server name of the
balancer, or the actual name of the node?
Thank you,

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