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From "Campbell, Scott" <>
Subject [users@httpd] Proxy with large amounts of graphics is slow
Date Fri, 20 Jul 2007 14:27:42 GMT
I have an Apache 2.2.4 server using proxying to front-end a back-end
application server.

I have a page on the application server that is a simple index.html with
about 50 objects (graphics, css, etc).  This page size is 300,000 bytes.


When I am on the apache server and use WGET (text browser) to the IP
address of the application server, all of the 300KB of data is
downloaded quickly.


When I am on the apache server and use WGET to the IP address of the
apache proxy server that is in front of the application server, the
300KB download takes 10-20 seconds.


My gutt tells me I have a proxy/keepalive issue.  However, I have tried
everything under the sun to make this proxied connection better, and
can't figure it out.

My application server (IIS) has HTTP-KeepAlives enabled with a timeout
of 10 seconds.


One thing to note, I can download via WGET a 50MB file from the
appserver using the apache proxy address faster than I can download the
300KB of data, still going through the same proxied address.


My Apache config:




ProxyPreserveHost On

KeepAlive On

ProxyPass / keepalive=On

ProxyPassReverse /




Any comments and ideas are greatly welcome.



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