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From "Robert Granvin" <>
Subject [users@httpd] Mod Rewrite assistance sought (hoped for :-)
Date Tue, 17 Jul 2007 14:51:23 GMT
OK, I know one can get into trouble real quick with mod_rewrite (or, more likely in my case,
not know it well enough to realize that I can do something in a very simple way...)
Therefore, seeking expert opinion on how to accomplish this...

Due to a way that an ISP has secure (https:) vs. insecure (http:) methods set up, I need to
be able to rewrite URLs based on a couple of criteria.
The set up:
Standard web site is at "" while the secure URL is at ""
Basically, I am wondering if there is a rewrite rule that I could use to handle this.  This
needs to affect all URLs in the code as well.
(Basically, make sure that local references such as "/images/blah.gif" become "/foo/images/blah.gif"
and hard URLs embed the site reference into it... The user will connect to "",
but I need to extract the "foo" to use in the other URLs.)
I'm sure this isn't make terrible sense.  Apologies.  Email would be hugely appreciated if
someone has done something like this before that they can share * it'll save me a lot of time
trying to figure out the best approach.
Thanks in advance..!
\\ Robert J. Granvin                                             Webmaster
 \\                       Metro State University

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