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From "siegfried" <>
Subject [users@httpd] What ID does httpd run under? How to protect files so they are accessible to httpd?
Date Wed, 01 Aug 2007 00:08:01 GMT
I just downloaded and installed the cygwin implementation of httpd2. I'm
running Win2003 server.


I wanted the cygwin version so I could use the "ln -s" command to make files
outside the directory available to the web server. (I don't know how to "ln
-s" in windows otherwise). I used this trick 6 months ago on a WinXP Pro and
it worked fine (but I might have been running httpd2 from the cygwin bash
command prompt in which case everyone would have been running in the same


The files I want accessible are on a $100 linksys NAS controller running
linux that are made accessible via samba. I can see these files fine from
the Windows Administrator account but apparently httpd2 cannot because it
says there are inaccessible.


I then copied these files from the samba server to c:\Documents and
Settings\Administrator\My Documents" and decided I did not want to grant
"everyone" access to this directory. I moved them to c:\temp and had the
exact same problem, even after granting "everyone" read access.


When I finally moved them to the c:\cygwin\svr\www\htdocs everything worked.
But this is not what I wanted!


What am I doing wrong?


Does httpd2 have the ability to impersonate accounts like IIS does? 




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