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From Adam Bragg <>
Subject [users@httpd] Ajax Recipe
Date Mon, 18 Jun 2007 00:00:02 GMT
Hi All,

I am trying to build as lean as an Apache as possible. Please forgive  
my extended explanation. I only include all the excess here so that I  
might find help that will remove the excess from my Apache build. I  
am a web developer/designer who is great with Javascript and decent  
with plsql and mysql. I can do a standard and modified install of  
apache and configure the server to work well out to the real world  
but I am not very experienced with Apache.

MY GOAL is to build as lean of an Apache as possible with  
functionality that will act as a pass through to the database from  
the client. After some research I found that Nick Kew at Webthing has  
created what I think I need but I am having difficulty implementing  
the modules and component that follow:
1. mod_form - (to accept post  
ajax calls)
2. mod_upload - (to accept  
images posted)
3. mod_xmlns - (to support  
4. mod_sql - (to  
insert sql requests and replies from mysql)
5. apr_dbd_mysql.c - 
apr_dbd_mysql.c (to connect to mysql) ( I placed it in httpNN/srclib/ 
apr-util/dbd before the ./config)

After reading the Apache documentation, I decided to attempt to load  
all my needed modules during the configuration and install so that  
Apache would run as efficiently as possible. I have been successful  
at getting modules that come with the standard Apache 2.2.4  
distribution to load as shared modules and static modules but I have  
not been successful with the modules above. I placed the modules  
above in the 'modules/experimental' directory as well as in their own  
'modules/ajax' directory but I think I do not know the purpose of the  
distinction of the directories and I am likely using them  
incorrectly. During my time in the Apache documentation I also came  
across some discussion that made me wonder if these third party  
modules could be compiled with Apache during the install or if they  
can only be added via apxs as shared modules.

1. Is there a better set of modules I can use to accomplish my goal?
2. Do you see any issues with the above modules accomplishing my goal?
3. What is the proper method for loading these modules into Apache?

Some excess excess information:
I am trying to build a web server diminishing the middle tier as much  
as possible. I code all day long writing ColdFusion, Javascript, and  
PL/SQL, but I find myself relying on ColdFusion as just a passthrough  
for my Ajax calls to the database. I am most often just returning  
datasets to my Javascript on the client which is making ColdFusion  
seem a bit bloated for my needs. So, I want to find an architecture  
that will allow me to make requests to the database tier and return  
preformatted results. Specifically, I want to return JSON strings  
from my PL/SQL, which I already do, but use Apache to write the  
strings in the reply to the request.

In the end, after I have everything running, I want to write this up  
as a recipe because I think this type of architecture will become  
much more popular with the trend of more of the application moving  
away from the middle tier to the front-end and to the back end.

Thank you for your time and attention. Any and all help is  
appreciated, even if it is comments on how I have made my request or  
that it is such a grand request in my very first post in this list.

Adam P. Bragg

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