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From Earl Chew <>
Subject [users@httpd] Can mod_proxy_html rewrite <li style="...">
Date Wed, 13 Jun 2007 17:15:49 GMT
I'm using mod_proxy_html and I've got a page with the following content:

<li style="background-image: url('/galleries/1/thumbs/Ferry ride-100x80.JPG')">

All my attempts to have mod_proxy_html rewrite /galleries/ to /public/galleries/
have failed. The basic pattern I'm using is:

        ProxyHTMLExtended On
        ProxyHTMLURLMap             /     /public/

Is there a standard option to have mod_proxy_html rewrite this link?

I suspect the answer is no.

I've looked at the source, and see:

  static const char* href[] = { "href", NULL } ;
  static const char* cite[] = { "cite", NULL } ;
  ... snip ...

  static const elt_t linked_elts[] = {
    { "a" , href } ,
    { "img" , imgattr } ,
    { "form", action } ,
  ... etc ...

If I read this correctly, mod_proxy_html is parsing the HTML to figure
out which sections to look in for URLs to rewrite. To have mod_proxy_html
rewrite my /galleries/ URL, I'm going to have to add "li" and "style" to
the list of elements and attributes.

Can anyone provide any further guidance here?

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