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From "Tony Heal" <>
Subject [users@httpd] virtual host, drone and port 8080
Date Wed, 16 May 2007 00:24:59 GMT
OK, I really hate to be writing this. But I have tried everything I can think of. ProxyPass,
RewiteRule and although I
can get to work, I can not figure out how to get drilling in
to work.


I am using apache 1.3 and Virtual hosts. When I go to the drone main page and I try to go
into a channel it tries to go
to http://localhost:8080/logs


I have a web irc channel at the same address. This works on another server but I can not get
it to work on this new
server. What I want to do is go to the web irc interface at URL
and I want drone ( a java app
running on jetty at port 8080) to operate at URL


below is the bits from my conf file. Any help would be great.








        DocumentRoot /var/www/cgiirc

        DirectoryIndex index.html

                        RewriteRule /index\.html /cgi-bin/cgiirc/irc.cgi [R]

                        RewriteEngine on



        ErrorLog /var/log/apache/cgiirc-error.log

        CustomLog /var/log/apache/cgiirc-access.log combined


        <Location /drone>

                                    AuthUserFile {my passwd file}

                                    AuthName ByPassword

                                    AuthType Basic

                                    require valid-user



        <Location /drone/message>

                                    <LimitExcept POST GET>

                                                Require valid-user




                        ProxyPass /drone http://localhost:8080/

        ProxyPassReverse /drone http://localhost:8080/



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