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From "Alaka Pathy -X \(apathy - HCL at Cisco\)" <>
Subject [users@httpd] Parsing problem in the encoded Url
Date Tue, 03 Apr 2007 00:43:43 GMT
Hi All,
I have an issue with the parsing of the url and getting the original uri
from the url, when the url is encoded. 
When I access,  http://servername:port/hh/test?var1=xyz
<http://servername:port/hh/test?var1=xyz>  , then the URI generated here
is only  /hh/test and args is var1=xyz .
But when I access http://servername:port/hh/test%3Fvar1=xyz,
<http://servername:port/hh/test%3Fvar1=xyz,>  the URI generated is
/hh/test?var1=xyz and args is null.

So, here the parsing w.r.t. the "?" is not happening correctly. As the
character is encoded, it's not separating out the URI and the ARGS. 
Has anybody encountered this issue ? Does anybody know if there is a bug
already ?
Thanks in advance,

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