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Subject Re: [users@httpd] Proxying GET and POST requests
Date Mon, 23 Apr 2007 11:02:37 GMT
wi wrote:
> Hi all
> We have a need (driven by some load/caching issues) to split our 
> incoming traffic so that GET requests go to one set of servers and POST 
> requests go to another part of the farm. Unfortunately, there's no 
> simple URI based way of identifying which is which, so I'm wondering 
> whether there is some way to do this that I've missed.
> I imagine it would be possible to come up with a mod_perl solution to 
> this, but if there's some sort of simple "Pure Apache" way, I'd like to 
> try that first.

If you're using mod_proxy you might be able to set up proxy instructions 
inside a pair <Limits>.

<LimitExcept POST>
	#do 'get', etc stuff

<Limit POST>
	#do post stuff



> thanks
> Wayne
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