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From David Blomstrom <>
Subject [users@httpd] Dual Apache Installations on a Mac
Date Sun, 25 Mar 2007 12:04:47 GMT
I've just discovered that the httpd.conf file I modified to enable virtual hosts is not the
same as the httpd.conf file in my newer MAMP installation. In other words, my MacBook Pro
is apparently running off the original Apache installation, not the Apache that came with
the MAMP package; I assumed MAMP would automatically deal with that issue.

So I assume I need to somehow shut down the original Apache and at the same time make the
newer installation take over. I went into System Preferences and disabled Web Sharing, thinking
that would shift everything to my newer Apache installation. Instead, my websites simply died.

Can anyone tell me what steps I have to do to fix this problem? Ideally, I'd like to modify
some file that would nix the original Apache installation, so I don't have to fiddle with
it every time I reboot my computer...but I could un-modify it later, if I decide to return
to my original Apache program.

If I understand correctly, once I have everything configured, Apache shouldn't be running
at all when I boot my computer - until I open the MAMP icon and manually start the Apache
and MySQL servers. So I THINK that's the configuration I'm looking for.

Also, could a dual Apache installation wreak havoc with connecting to a MySQL database? I'm
able to create databases and import and modify tables, but I've been unable to create a working


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