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From Sander Temme <>
Subject [users@httpd] Request for Input: ApacheCon SSL Training
Date Mon, 19 Mar 2007 06:04:10 GMT
Dear list,

As I prepare my training session title "Practical SSL Implementation  
with Apache" for the upcoming ApacheCon EU conference, I would like  
to take a moment and request your feedback.

If you were to attend a half day training session on SSL and Apache,  
what would you like to see covered?  I will be discussing, among  
other topics:

*) Configuring Apache httpd as an SSL server, starting with a
    practical configuration and building from there
*) A concise discussion of the cryptography behind the whole
    thing, to provide context
*) Working with Certificate Authorities and Public Key Infrastructure
*) Client-side Certificate Authentication
*) Integration of SSL with application code

In doing my research I see that there is a lot of half-valid, well  
hidden information out there on the various topics and I'd love to  
present it all in one place at the training.  I'll have to see what I  
can squeeze into a half day--I could talk for days about this stuff  
and still not be done.  Any recommendations regarding the material or  
where the emphasis should be?  Holes I need to fill?  Suggestions are  
welcome privately or to the list.



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