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From Murali Gadiraju <>
Subject [users@httpd] make install does not complete.
Date Thu, 22 Mar 2007 05:23:16 GMT
Hi all
  I have installed a apache webserver ver 2.0.59 for AIX 5.3 at a install directory /usr/users/sapcs
and it worked fine
  I am trying to install another instance at /usr/users/sapcsc.The configure and make has
been completed succesfully. However when I try to do 'make install'
  the operation terminates with the error at the following step.
  Target "local-all" is up to date.
        if [ ! -d /usr/users/sapcs/include ]; then  /usr/users/sapcsc/httpd-2.0.
59/srclib/apr/build/ /usr/users/sapcs/include;  fi;
        cp -p /usr/users/sapcsc/httpd-2.0.59/srclib/apr/include/*.h /usr/users/s
cp: /usr/users/sapcs/include/apr.h: Operation not permitted.
cp: /usr/users/sapcs/include/apr.h: Operation not permitted.
/usr/users/sapcs/include/apr.h: Operation not permitted.
cp: not all requested changes were made to /usr/users/sapcs/include/apr.h

  I have given file permissions 777 on the target directory.But still it terminates
  Can anyone help me out?
  thanks in advance

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