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From arun kumar <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] Apache 2.2 utilize more physical memory than apache 1.3
Date Wed, 28 Feb 2007 06:56:27 GMT
Hi All,
  I am using the below command to monitor the physical memory.
  ps -e -o pcpu,vsz,rss,pid,args |grep -v grep | grep "apacheprojectname"
  Below is the sample output for the worker module
   0.0 34608 32744 25609 /local/home/kumarar3/apache/aws/bin/httpd -f /local/home/kumarar3/apache/aws/co
 0.0 4968 2648 25610 /local/home/kumarar3/apache/aws/bin/httpd -f /local/home/kumarar3/apache/aws/co
 0.1 35656 4440 26107 /local/home/kumarar3/apache/aws/bin/httpd -f /local/home/kumarar3/apache/aws/co
  In this output third column is physical memory usage(RSS) . i am adding all RSS of the httpd
process to find the total physical memory usage of httpd process every time.
  Any thing wrong in the process of monitoring??

Joshua Slive <> wrote:
  On 2/27/07, arun kumar wrote:
> We are using solaris 8 and i compiled the apache 2.2 using the below option
> ./configure --prefix=/local/apache/aws --enable-ssl --enable-proxy
> --enable-proxy-connect --enable-proxy-http --enable-cache
> --enable-disk-cache --enable-mods-shared=all --with-mpm=worker .
> I disable the deflate and cache module also but there is no major difference
> in physical memory usage.
> Memore utilization is nearly 500% difference in apache 2.2 compare to 1.3.
> Finally i compiled apache 2.2 with prefork module and found that the
> physical memory usage is less than apache 1.3
> Please let me know why worker module is taking more memory(i reduce
> startserver,maxclient ,threadperchild but no use.

You probably aren't measuring memory usage correctly.

With the worker mpm, many threads are running in the same process.
But whatever tool you are using to display memory usage is probably
showing for each thread the total memory usage for the process.

Try just comparing the available free physical RAM after launching 1.3
versus 2.2 with similar settings.


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