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From "Isaac Dawson" <>
Subject [users@httpd] Interesting mod_proxy issue with Double decoding.
Date Tue, 13 Feb 2007 09:14:11 GMT
I have a configuration utilizing apache 2.2.0 with mod_proxy. What I want to
do is protect the server and limit the user to access a single directory,
lets say /java_tut/ from a machine running resin.

So we have the following configuration:
<Proxy *>
   Order deny, allow
   Allow from all

ProxyPass /java_tut/ http://someotherhost:8080/java_tut/

Everything works, the user can't access other directories outside of
Unless of course they do /java_tut/%252e%252e/examples/basic/viewsource.jsp.
Using a double encoding of .. they are able to gain traverse back a
directory. This is not what I want.

So I came up with the following rules:
ProxyPass /java_tut/%2e%2e !
ProxyPass /java_tut/%2e. !
ProxyPass /java_tut/.%2e !

Which works they can't get out of the directory any more. For those encoding
scheme' obviously any rule that requires 3 or more types of deny's is
probably flawed because i'm 99% sure there's other encoding tricks to get
past these. Has anyone seen or come across such issues and has a better
Thanks a lot,

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