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From Gayal <>
Subject [users@httpd] No Kerberos environment found in Apache-mod_auth_kerb
Date Tue, 30 Jan 2007 08:40:25 GMT

I installed MIT krb5-kdc, krb5-admin-server, krb5-user using apt-get install
on my Debian Etch box.

I need to provide SSO for my WinXP clients to access the corporate Web
server which is hosted on Apache2 on the same Debian box using the AD

I was referring to as a guide.

My Krb5.conf is as follows:

default_realm = GNUD.IE

 GNUD.IE = {
  kdc =
  kdc =
  admin_server =
  default_domain =

[domain_realm] = GNUD.IE = GNUD.IE

I was able to initialise and create the kerberos database using;
bash# /usr/Kerberos/sbin/kdb5_util create -s

Then edited the kadm5.acl file to grant administrative access. It was a

Created Princiapls.

Installed and sync time with the server.

Manual say installation of kerberos and KDC is now over and you are ready to
go :)

I tried to install mod_auth_kerb, (Which is a Apache module interact with
Kerberos server) with the following command;
$./configure --with-krb5=/software/krb5-1.3.1
It say Configure: error: No Kerberos environment found.

What would be the cause for this error?

Gayal Rupasinghe
"The willingness to make a commitment even when results are unknown."

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