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Subject RE: [users@httpd] SSLVerifyDepth and Intermediate CAs
Date Wed, 01 Nov 2006 15:11:55 GMT

You need to use Apache 2.2 or above. See the new directives
SSLCADNRequestFile and SSLCADNRequestPath for details at 

If you must use older versions of Apache, I did create a patch for mod_ssl
2.8.22 which is used by Apache 1.3.33 and Apache 2.0.52 but you will have to
get those from me.

Verify depth is not your problem. There was a spec bug in mod_ssl. What you
want is allowed for in the SSL v3/TLS v1.0 draft/spec and fully support by
OpenSSL, but was not supported by mod_ssl design. In general, you don't want
the verify depth arbitrarily high for security reasons. I keep mine around
three or four. As you found, a depth of one will never work for trust with
intermediate CA's because there is no room to reach the necessary anchor.

Post again here if you need a patch to the old stuff.


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Subject: [users@httpd] SSLVerifyDepth and Intermediate CAs

hi - 

when using certificate authentication for clients, does the certificate in
the approved SSLCACertificatePath (or List) have to be a self-signed

i would like to be able to explicitly trust specific, intermediate CAs,
instead of the root CA and every intermediate CA that root CA signs.  i
tried setting SSLVerifyDepth to 1, and put the intermediate CA's cert in the
appropriate path, but the only way apache seems to accept a client
certificate is if the depth reaches the root cert, and the root cert is in
the path.

if this is working as intended, can someone (me?) add a note to the
documentation saying that (unless it was supposed to be intuitively obvious
to the casual observer).  if not, what pitfalls might i have stumbled into?

thanks in advance,


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