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From Todd Hivnor <>
Subject RE: [users@httpd] Failed downloads: "Could not get next bucket brigade"
Date Tue, 28 Nov 2006 19:12:18 GMT
> I've got one user who always seems to have problems 
> downloading files from my Apache server. She reports that the 
> download process hangs, often with 1% of the file remaining 
> to download. 
> The server logs have this error:
>  (104)Connection reset by peer: Could not get next bucket 
> brigade  [500, #0]
> I'm running Apache 2.0.51 on Fedora Core 2. 
> Does anyone know how to address this bug ?

Imaginatively... If it's only one user and can't be reproduced with a
standard browser at your end, it looks like a client-side issue
(especially with "Connection reset by peer" - ie the client broke the

- is it size dependent, can she download smaller files?
- how is she connected to internet (eg, ADSL, dial-up?) do they have a
size limit?
- does the file contain anything that a virus-scanner on the client
might reject? (try replacing the file with plain ascii of same size or
ask her to switch off any virus-scannners).

We have tried determining if there is a pattern to when the download fails. We haven't been
able to find a pattern to it: she can often download large files, while smaller files fail.
There might be a virus checking problem ... I will follow up on that idea. 

In terms of network connections, I've got this very same error popping up with a long list
of diffent IP addresses. And I know it happens with her, when she logs in from home, or when
she uses an office network. So the error sure sounds "network related," the logs show it happening
on a lot of different networks. 
 - Todd

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