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From "Gregor Schneider" <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] multiple vhosts on port 80 and port 443
Date Thu, 19 Oct 2006 16:45:26 GMT

I really do appreciate your effort in this list and your support, however:

I've tried that, I read the docs you mentioned, I tried it also with
NameVirtualHost*:80 and NameVirtualHost *:443, all to no avail.

See, in the end I'm developing J2EE-wepapps, that's my job, but I'm far from
being a server-admin, and sometimes you have to see where your limits are -
esp. when time is limited. If I ever have time to drill down this (BIG
GRIN), I'll be happy to do that, but I'm afraid it's gonna cost me days,
what I just can't afford. Therefore, I'm living with this really nasty
solution, however, I can live with that.


what's puzzlin' you, is the nature of my game

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