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Subject [users@httpd] mod_mem_cache question...
Date Sat, 02 Sep 2006 01:36:50 GMT
 I have an Apache 2.2.2 setup on a Redhat box. Caching is implemented using mod_mem_cache.
 Apache was built to use worker MPM. Here are the relevant sections from httpd.conf
 # mod_cache/mod_mem_cache settings
 <IfModule cache_module>
 <IfModule mem_cache_module>
 CacheEnable mem /
 CacheStoreNoStore On
 MCacheSize 4096
 MCacheMaxObjectCount 200
 MCacheMinObjectSize 1
 MCacheMaxObjectSize 524288
 # Worker MPM settings
 <IfModule mpm_worker_module>
 StartServers 1
 MaxClients 250
 ThreadsPerChild 50
 MinSpareThreads 25
 MaxSpareThreads 75
 When I startup Apache, I notice there are multiple httpd( 1 parent and 2 child ) instances.

 Question I had is,
 1. Does this mean that at any time there are could be multiple memory caches equal to the
number of running
 httpd instances ? or is the cache somehow shared between child processes ?
 2. How are requests handled ? For instance, do all requests go the first child process, till
it has no 
 more free threads at which point the the second child process is called into action ?
 Any insight, suggestions or assistance with this would be very much 
 Thank you.
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