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From (Gergely CZUCZY)
Subject [users@httpd] installing into a chroot from outside
Date Mon, 14 Aug 2006 14:13:49 GMT

i'm trying to install apache 2.2 (also tried with 2.0) into
a chrooted environment, from outside.
it compiles cleanly, but i'm unable to make the Makefile's
install target to install it into the chroot.

the --prefix or the config.layout's prefix options is not
a choice, because if i use that, the running process will
refer to every file with the prefix, and it won't find it,
because of the within-the-chroot situation.

most source tree's Makefile is capable of handling the
INSTALL_ROOT variable, that simply prefixes each install
destination with this. so, the standard way should be
# make INSTALL_ROOT=/path/to/choort/ install
but it's unavailable at the apache's Makefile.

my question is, how do i achive this? how can i do the
same thing what setting INSTALL_ROOT would do?


Gergely Czuczy

Weenies test. Geniuses solve problems that arise.

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