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From David Blomstrom <>
Subject [users@httpd] Virtual Hosts on a Mac - Almost There
Date Mon, 07 Aug 2006 00:16:30 GMT
I'm trying to set up Apache virtual hosts on my new MacBook Pro, and I  think I'm almost there,
but I'm hitting a snag somewhere. I get the  standard Apache greeting when I type http://localhost/
into my browser,  but I when I type in the name of one of my websites - http://Geobop/ - 
it defaults to my ONLINE website, 
Here are the steps I followed... 
I copied my websites from my PC, locating them at  /Library/Webserver/Documents. The site
I'm experimenting with is at  /Library/Webserver/Documents/Geobop. 
I copied my httpd.conf file to my Desktop, modified it with TextEdit,  then used Terminal
to copy it back to its original location  (/private/etc/httpd), so it now looks like this:

NameVirtualHost *:80 
<VirtualHost *:80> 
ServerName Geobop 
ServerAlias Geobop *.Geobop 
DocumentRoot /Library/Webserver/Documents/Geobop 
I also opened NetInfo Manager and added Geobop under "machines". So  under machines, I now
have the following... 
XAMPP (which I'll try to delete) 
In the bottom window, Geobop and localhost both register for  ip_address, ./local
for "serves."

I thought the problem might relate to PHP, as Geobop's home page is index.php. But I copied
a file named index.html into the folder, with the same results. 
Any idea where I went wrong? Thanks.
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