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Subject [users@httpd] Apache hangs
Date Mon, 03 Jul 2006 11:07:04 GMT
	I have Apache 2.0.53 running on linux ( 2.4.19 kernel ). I have
observed that after running for 2 days OR after load testing (around 200
simultaneous connections for 30 minutes), it hangs, i.e. client is able to
connect to server socket but no http response comes back. It is using SSL,
so SSL cert warning comes but no further processing is done.

Following is MPM conf:
<IfModule worker.c>
        ThreadLimit          150
        ServerLimit          100
        ThreadsPerChild       30
        MaxClients          3000

        StartServers           2
        #MinSpareThreads       20
        #MaxSpareThreads      100
        MinSpareThreads       20
        MaxSpareThreads       100
        MaxRequestsPerChild 2000

At this moment, the apache processes also not get reduced. It always remain
the same (around 400) till i restart apache.
strace on httpd processes show that they are blocked in write to some pipe.
There are no segmentation faults or nasty errors in error logs. Situation
does not resolve by graceful restart too.

Any hint, how i should resolve this issue?

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