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From "Brian Rectanus" <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] ProxyPass and reverse
Date Tue, 30 May 2006 14:32:06 GMT
On 5/29/06, Giovanni <> wrote:
> On 10:13, lunedě 29 maggio 2006, Axel-Stéphane SMORGRAV wrote:
> > It is really hard to understand exactly what your problem is because your
> > description is so sketchy. My understanding is that when you request
> > http://pippo/ntop/showPlugins.html?icmpWatch, the backend server issues a
> > redirect to http://localhost:3000/plugins/icmpWatch which you expect the
> > reverse proxy to rewrite into http://pippo/ntop/plugins/icmpWatch. Instead
> > it gets rewritten into http://pippo/ntop/plugins/ntop/icmpWatch and the
> > backend server receives a request for
> > http://localhost:3000/plugins/ntop/icmpWatch which results in a HTTP 404.
> >
>  yes, you have well understood the problem..
> better than me :-)
> in apache I'm a beginner !


> > RECOMMENDATION 2: Remove the above ProxyHTMLURLMap from your configuration.

Yeah, but the problem is that ntop is not writing the /ntop/ prefix on
the links correctly.  Is that a correct statement?

> done
> but not solved the problem "/ntop/plugins/" -> "ntop/plugins/ntop/"
> Seem that css/script in the main page follow the main rule to add /ntop/ to
> everything. In fact /ntop" is added to any-thing included "/ntop/plugins that
> becomes "/ntop/plugins/ntop".

I am a bit confused why it is *appending* /ntop where it should be
*prefixing* /ntop.  Or is it really '/plugins/ntop/' =>

> Probably we should say to not add ntop to the dir /ntop/plugins when request
> come from main page.

Looking at:

You can probably tell it not to rewrite the scripts/css with the 'c'
flag (and maybe even need the 'e' flag:

ProxyHTMLURLMap / /ntop/ ce

You should also be able to fix the fix like this:

ProxyHTMLURLMap / /ntop/
ProxyHTMLURLMap /ntop/plugins/ntop/ /ntop/plugins/

Or, maybe better, would be to just use the /ntop/ prefix within ntop
and avoid trying to rewrite the links.

ProxyPass /ntop/ http://localhost:3000/ntop/
ProxyPassReverse /ntop/ http://localhost:3000/ntop/

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