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From "Garry Taylor" <>
Subject RE: [users@httpd] mod_perl problem
Date Fri, 14 Apr 2006 14:18:34 GMT
You can always do it the old fashioned way and compile the new module
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From: o omida parasita [] 
Sent: 14 April 2006 15:16
Subject: [users@httpd] mod_perl problem
I have FC2 with Apache 2.0.51-2.9 from rpm installed with
My problem is that once per day when I do ps -aux I see the following:
apache    2670  0.0  3.9 54556 41120 ?       S    06:14   0:00
after restrating Apache everything gets back to normal, and the same
happens the next day
I read here: 
that the problem is in mod_perl
My questions is:
How can I update mod_perl-1.99_12-2.1-i386.rpm for FC2 if its the latest
versions provided by RedHat for FC2?
Please help
Thank you

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