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From kjc <>
Subject [users@httpd] problem with apache or php?
Date Fri, 10 Mar 2006 18:13:48 GMT
I've posted my question already the PHP internals group because I thought
this problem was with PHP.
But I haven't had any luck so far, still digging, still searching. A
co-worker wonders if this problem isn't Apache though, so I'm cross posting
this issue here.

I'm running Solaris 10. My web servers are LDAP clients, meaning I use LDAP
directory to hold user information instead of NIS. These systems are
configured to use standard pam_unix configuration and the ldapclient is
configured with a proxy account.
I have successfully compiled Apache, PHP, and the other necessary
dependencies into 64bit mode.
When I start up Apache sans-PHP the httpd webuser process runs and is
assigned every (total 10) gid from the directory just fine.
When the PHP module is loaded he only see two-- the webuser's primary group
the test group I created in /etc/group. It is like it doesn't call the
getent group routine or whatever.

I've been playing with and learning dtrace, but I'm still not proficient
enough to get this pinpointed.

For instance I've seen with opensnoop and dtruss that the the httpd process
w/out PHP calls /etc/nsswitch.conf whereas the process w/ PHP calls
/etc/group directly. I've seen that the process w/out PHP retreives the
output from the Directory and counts ten groups.
I've seen that the process w/PHP calls /usr/lib/ but I don't
know why.

Is there something I can do with PHP to make it NOT do that? Or is it an
Apache problem? Or a system config problem?
Why does Apache let PHP change its own process information like that?


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