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From Sanjay Saha <>
Subject [users@httpd] Tuning tomcat4 and expression matching with apache
Date Thu, 23 Mar 2006 10:24:16 GMT
Hi List,
 I have a specific question about apache expression matching.
 I have a apache tomcat server setup . While tuning tomcat i needed to achieve some tweaking
to the apache expression matching , or atleast that i 
 felt .
 The site have all incoming urls ( type) are redirected to  (
 The possible input urls are: ( mostly )
 And the redirecting url are : (mostly )
 The above redirection is working and valid for the following apache directive :
 <VirtualHost *>
 RedirectMatch (.*)\ .*$$1
 Now for load balancing i needed to change certain directives related to Mod_JK . The modifications
at (httpd.conf) needed as below :
 original :
 JkMount /* my_workers 
 Modified to :
 JkMount /*.jsp my_workers
 The change really worked .., the site started operating with tomcat serving its content alright
. The subdomain functioning just stopped.
 The scenario here : 
 at the ServerRoot ( /ust/local/domain/ ) the "index.jsp" resides . At that "index.jsp" a
mapping is confirmed , which gurantees that the http get request ( when someone tyies to connect ) with "aaa" subdomain is served as index.jsp with the specific dynamic
content part defined for "aaa" subdomain . This way multiple subdomains are entertained .
So there is no "aaa" directory or "aaa" filename at ServerRoot . The related jsp for "aaa"
is placed somewhere else as per "index.jsp"
 Let me know how exactly to overcome the situation .
 Because after modifing the httpd.conf entry as above i started getting 
 errors :
 error.log :
 Files does not exist 404 /usr/local/domain/aaa
 access.log :
[] - - [22/Mar/2006] "GET /aaa HTTP/1.1" 404 346 
"-" "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.0; PCQuest)"

 Let me know where i am mistaking ..

Sanjay Saha
Senior System Administrator

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