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From Carmon Colvin <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] Newbie with Install Problem
Date Mon, 06 Mar 2006 16:36:12 GMT
It was loud and obvious but was of no help to me.  My specific problem was not mentioned in
the troubleshooting page and none of the suggestions on that page have worked.

B. Carmon Colvin

"William A. Rowe, Jr." <> wrote:

/me ponders if this could be made any louder or more obvious


Carmon Colvin wrote:
> List,
> I am trying to install Apache HTTP Server 2.0.55 on to Windows 2000 Pro 
> using the MSI installer.
> The installation wizard opens with the "Welcome to the Installation 
> ....."  screen.
> It reads "Apache HTTP Server 2.0.55 Setup is preparing the Installation 
> Wizard which will guide you through the program setup process.  Please 
> wait."
> The "" buttons are grayed out.  The "Cancel" button is 
> the only one enabled.  It will sit like this, seemingly forever.  I have 
> to assume that more than an hour is plenty for it to gather whatever 
> information it needs to begin the installation.
> At this point when I click "Cancel" I get a dialog box asking "Are you 
> sure you want to cancel Apache HTTP Server 2.0 installation?.  Clicking 
> "Yes" or "No" produces the same effect.  The dialog box goes away and 
> the installation wizard becomes unresponsive.  It will stay in this 
> state until I kill the Wizard through Task Manager.
> I have verified that I am running msiexec version V 3.01.4000.1823. and 
> I have rebooted countless times and have Googled my fingers off before I 
> joined this list.  After attempting to run the installer a few times I 
> searched the system registry for any occurance of "apache" and nothing 
> was found.
> Thanks.
> B. Carmon Colvin

B. Carmon Colvin
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