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From "Tony Heal" <>
Subject [users@httpd] CGI permissions on Debian
Date Wed, 08 Mar 2006 20:20:56 GMT
I am running a Debian 3.1 (sarge) server and the following apache packages
ii  apache                         1.3.33-6sarge1                 versatile,
high-performance HTTP server
ii  apache-common                  1.3.33-6sarge1                 support
files for all Apache webservers
ii  apache2-utils                  2.0.54-5                       utility
programs for webservers
ii  libapache-dbi-perl             0.94-2                         Connect
apache server to database via perl's DBI
ii  libapache-mod-dav              1.0.3-10                       A DAV
module for Apache
ii  libapache-mod-gzip                       HTTP
compression module for Apache
ii  libapache-mod-perl   
integration of perl with the Apache web server
ii  libapache-mod-php4             4.3.10-16
server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language (apache 1.3 module)
ii  libapache-mod-ssl              2.8.22-1sarge1                 Strong
cryptography (HTTPS support) for Apache
I have a java program running on this server. One of the things contained in
it's sar file are some cgi files. During the installation of this program
the original directory gets deleted and the new sar gets expanded, then I
set the permissions on the cgi files. the commands used are
chmod -R 755 /path/help/admin
chmod -R g+s /path/help/admin
The files are all owned and grouped by the same user.     owner.owner
apache user is www-data
'owner' is in the www-data group
www-data is in the 'owner' group
Here is my problem. With perms set at 755 the cgi file work fine. once the
g+s is set (2755) the cgi files stop working. This method works on woody,
but I can not see any reason that would make a diff.
Anyone got any ideas/suggestions/comments that can help?

Tony Heal
Pace Systems Group, Inc.

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