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From "Rosado, Rodolfo CTR MDA/IOM" <>
Subject RE: [users@httpd] Apache 2.055 Best Practices
Date Tue, 07 Feb 2006 14:16:25 GMT
Mr. Boyle, 

Thanks for the reply, sorry about the inadvertant post.  I hit send befor typing....not enough
coffee yet.

Anyway, you were correct about the typo. There are only the two directives.   

I'm attaching my httpd.conf file.  This one is for the Apache server that's listening on port
80 only, but exhibits the same behavior. 

The access log does show lots of 304's & 302's, but I'm seeing a lot of 200's for the
imagemachine requests as well.  



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From: Boyle Owen [] 
Sent: Tuesday, February 07, 2006 2:38 AM
Subject: RE: [users@httpd] Apache 2.055 Best Practices

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Rosado, Rodolfo CTR MDA/IOM []
> Sent: Montag, 6. Februar 2006 16:37
> To:
> Subject: [users@httpd] Apache 2.055 Best Practices
> All,
>   I am attempting to redirect traffic incoming to an Apache
> server located in a DMZ to two machines behind my firewall.  
> My Apache server listens on both ports 443 and 80.  The 
> traffic on port 443 is redirected via a JK2 connector to a 
> Tomact 4.1.30 server and has no issues.  The traffic on port 
> 80 is redirected to another machine running IIS using a 
> reverse proxy.  I also have a third machine serving images.  
> All of the traffic from my DMZ to my backend servers must do 
> so over 1 port. 


A redirection is an alternative to proxying - the server responds to the client with a 301
or 302 and the client makes a new request directly to the new server. To do this you use Redirect
directives or mod_rewrite with the [R] flag. Is this what you are doing (you don't have any
directives like this in the config below)?

> <VirtualHost _default_:80>
> DocumentRoot "e:/apache2/htdocs2" 
> ServerName 
> ServerAdmin 
> ErrorLog logs/error.log 
> TransferLog logs/access.log 
> ProxyRequests Off 
> <Proxy *> 
> Order deny,allow 
> Allow from all 
> </Proxy> 
> ProxyPass /xyz http://xyzmachine:9030/xyz 
> <http://xyzmachine:9030/xyz>  
> ProxyPassReverse /xyz http://xyzmachine:9030/xyz 
> <http://xyzmachine:9030/xyz>  
> ProxyPass /imagerequest http://imagemachine:9030/imagerequest 
> <http://imagemachine:9030/imagerequest>  
> ProxyPassReverse /imagerequest 
> http://imagemachine:9030/imagerequest 
> <http://imagemachine:9030/imagerequest>  

Why have you got *three* arguments to the Proxy directives? You can only have [path] [url]
- I assume this is a typo...

> My challenges are:
> The pages are served correctly by the URL's are not being 
> preserved, and the links on the served pages are also not 
> being preserved.  
> i.e.:
> An inbound request may look like:
> <>  
> The page returned to the browser will have the url:
> http://xyzmachine:9030/xyz/somefunction.htm
> <http://xyzmachine:9030/xyz/somefunction.htm>  

Pages don't have URLs. The client requests a URL and the server returns a page (with no indication
of what was originally requested). The URL you see in the browser is a record of what the
browser requested to get the page you see. If this changes from what you typed in, it's because
the original server sent a 301 or 302 redirect to a new URL. The browser then requested this
page and changed the URL in the address bar.

Your results look exactly like you are redirecting instead of proxying. My guess is that you
have some other directives somewhere that we don't know about (further up the config, outside
the VH, in a .htaccess file)? These are being hit before we get to the Proxy directives and
causing the redirect. 

Look in the access log and see what HTTP-status you are getting for these requests (I bet
it's 301/302 - it should be 200).

Owen Boyle
Disclaimer: Any disclaimer attached to this message may be ignored. 

> And the links on the page will also have the issue.
> I've tried using the ProxyPreserverHost directive, which
> really didn't help.  
> Question:  How can I forward the URL to the backend and have
> all of the URL's return to the browser with the proper URL's?
> Thanks for any assistance.
> R2
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