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From <>
Subject AW: [users@httpd] wildcard in proxypass logic
Date Thu, 16 Feb 2006 10:13:40 GMT
For the wildcard use better "LocationMatch" instead of "Location".

If you want to playing with a bunch of tomcats in the back you should have a look of mod_proxy_balancer/mod_proxy_ajp


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Von: Steven Wagner []
Gesendet: Do 16.02.2006 00:43
Betreff: [users@httpd] wildcard in proxypass logic
Hello, I'm new to this list and apologize if my protocol is incorrect. I'm trying to set up
proxy using wildcards. The apache is being used as a front end security layer to a pool of
tomcat servers. The idea is to provide a means to route different product server requests
to different tomcat servers pools, where the more popular products would have bigger pools.
But since there could potentially be a large number of product (most of which would not be
that popular), we wanted to have a default tomcat pool, hence the use of the wildcard. So
with the following httpd.conf settings requests for product1/services and product2/services
are proxied correctly, but requests for product3/services return a 403 Forbidden error, where
as I would have thought it would be handled by the wild card entry. Any insight to the problem
or alternative solutions are appreciated. Thanks.

<Location /product1/services/>
Order Allow,Deny
Allow from all
ProxyPass                 http://poduct1-tomcat:8080/web-app/services/
ProxyPassReverse       /

<Location /product2/services/>
Order Allow,Deny
Allow from all
ProxyPass                 http://poduct2-tomcat:8080/web-app/services/
ProxyPassReverse       /

<Location /*/services/>
Order Allow,Deny
Allow from all
ProxyPass                 http://default-tomcat:8080/web-app/services/
ProxyPassReverse       /

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