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From "James W. Anderson" <>
Subject [users@httpd] Is it common to use reverse proxy and virtual hosting together?
Date Tue, 14 Feb 2006 19:01:03 GMT
My company has implemented a reverse proxy to allow access to company apps over
the Internet, and our reverse proxy requires that each internal application be
mapped to a virtual directory on the reverse proxy host (e.g. <> app1, <> app2 ...).  The
problem is we have applications that generate web pages containing URLs relative
to the root:


My page:


<a href="/cgi-bin/dosomething.exe?parm1=...">



These applications fail when served by the reverse proxy because, to the
browser, the URL is relative to the root of the reverse proxy host, not the REAL
application host.  The reverse proxy returns a 404 because there is no virtual
directory/application named "cgi-bin", and our administrator won't let us define
one to point to cgi-bin on our app server, because it's a common name2.
Unfortunately, these are older applications that we purchased from a third party
that no longer supports, so we can't change the application to use a more
flexible relative URL.


I proposed implementing virtual hosts on our reverse proxy, so that applications
that require they "own" the host's namespace will work without requiring
modification.  So, we might give "app1" its own virtual host name and the URL
from the hyperlink above would map to:


Our reverse proxy administrator says this is unconventional to do virtual
hosting on a reverse proxy and refuses to consider it further.  Our reverse
proxy admin has also had to re-implement our reverse proxy twice now because of
stability issues and other limitations, so I'm skeptical about what they tell
me.  I am a software developer and am not as familiar with this technology, so
I'm asking the community here if what I'm requesting is crazy or impractical, or
if this is indeed a common solution to this type of problem.


Thanks in advance.




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