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From "Alvaro Cobo" <>
Subject [users@httpd] Off-topic. Domain (nameservers not transfered)
Date Thu, 02 Feb 2006 03:42:30 GMT
Hi guys:

Sorry for this off-topic, but I think this is of interest of all of us which
work with domains and stuff...

One month ago I have asked my current hosting service to cancel their service
and to change the nameserver from their to the server of the new hosting I
have hired. They have delayed deliberately this change for one month, I
guess expecting I will hire their services again. I have canceled the
payment account so they will not charge for another month of awful service.

My questions are:

a) If they suspend the service (due to I haven't paid it) I will lose all
the emails sent to the addresses of my domain. So, is there any way I can
catch this emails. I have been checking the administration control panel the
hosting provides me, and there is not access to my DNS records, then I
cannot change my MX records either.

b) Does anybody has faced a problem like this (a domain hijacked by the
hosting company) and how did you solved it?. I have contacted the registrar
and they say they cannot do anything, because this company is the reseller
and they have the account passwords and stuff.

I am desperate. I am feeling violated in my rights and 50 persons at my
office are going to be without email, and my server is going to be down because of this problem
with this
hosting company.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Alvaro Cobo
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