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From Joshua Slive <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] Access control problems, .htaccess and Directory and Allow directives
Date Sat, 07 Jan 2006 18:26:59 GMT
On 1/7/06, Emmanuel E <> wrote:

> <Directory />
>     Options FollowSymLinks
>     AllowOverride None
> </Directory>

> The .htaccess file in C:\ contains the following:
> =====================
> AuthUserFile c:/apache2/bin/password.txt
> AuthName "blah"
> AuthType Basic
> Require user blah
> Satisfy All
> ======================
> AllowOverride All is enabled for the Directory htdocs. Therefore it should
> look up the .htaccess file.  The .htaccess files documentation says that
> Apache traverses every folder upto the root directory looking for .htaccess
> files. Therefore it should reach the file in C:\. However it is not

Apache only looks for .htaccess files in directories where
AllowOverride is not none.  It doesn't look for AllowOverride only in
the directory requested; it looks also in all parent directories.  So
the AllowOverride none in <Directory /> above tells apache not to look
for .htaccess files in the root directory or any directories
underneath it until there is one where AllowOverride is set otherwise.

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