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From Marty Landman <>
Subject RE: [users@httpd] SSI won't run unless .htaccess in sub-dir
Date Tue, 24 Jan 2006 13:00:57 GMT
At 03:17 AM 1/24/2006, Boyle Owen wrote:
> > -----Original Message-----
> > From: Marty Landman []
> > Sent: Dienstag, 24. Januar 2006 03:30
> > To:
> > Subject: [users@httpd] SSI won't run unless .htaccess in sub-dir
> >
> > Stymied here. Have the following VH configured:
> >
> > <VirtualHost *>
> >          ServerName      bening1
> >          User            dad
> >          Group           dad
> >          DocumentRoot    /mnt/web/guide/bening1/www
> >          DirectoryIndex index.html index.htm index.shtml
> > index.shtm index.cgi
> >          <Directory "/mnt/web/guide/bening1/www">
> >                  Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
> >                  Options +Includes +ExecCGI
> >                  AllowOverride All
> >                  Options None
> >                  Order allow,deny
> >                  Allow from all
> >          </Directory>
> >          ScriptAlias     /cgibin/ "/mnt/web/guide/bening1/cgibin/"
> >          ScriptAlias     /cgi-bin/ "/mnt/web/guide/bening1/cgibin/"
> >          <Directory "/mnt/web/guide/bening1/cgibin">
> >                  AllowOverride All
> >                  Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
> >                  Order allow,deny
> >                  Allow from all
> >          </Directory>
> > </VirtualHost>
> >
>- I noticed you have "index.cgi" in your DirectoryIndex list. Are you sure 
>the index files in the subdirs are accessed via index.shtml?

Absolutely. This is a system I'm building locally then going to install 
remotely once my client reviews it. There are only two files in each subdir 
of www - index.shtml and .htaccess.

FWIW I had index.cgi working for one of the subdirs and when it stopped 
working (error log said that +ExecCGI was not specified, but it was as you 
can see from the conf file) finally got it working with the .htaccess added 
and with index.shtml.

Seems once I added directives to process .htaccess both subdirs require 
that file to do anything.

>That is, they're not index.cgi, by any chance? (trying to generate SSI 
>directives using a CGI script is difficult because of the order in which 
>data is processed).

I didn't even know it was possible; would you have to do a redirect to a 
temp url containing the SSI? How would you do such a thing?

>- You have FollowSymLinks as an option. Does this mean some resources are 
>actually at the end of a symbolic link?

No, honestly I generally have this option and rarely need it. There are no 
links in www at all.

>- Is there anything in the .htaccess files *apart from* the Auth directives?

Here it is, they are currently identical.

AuthUserFile /mnt/web/guide/bening1/.htpasswd
AuthGroupFile /dev/null
AuthName "Bening Motors Loan Dept"
AuthType Basic
<Limit GET POST>
require valid-user

> > There are two sub-dirs of www - LoanDept and Application. Each has an
> > index.shtml in it. After adding .htaccess to LoanDept to
> > provide id/pw
> > access for that sub-dir I find that Application/index.shtml
> > won't run i.e.
> > the browser renders the SSI directive instead of executing
> > it. Once I copy
> > LoanDept/.htaccess to Application/.htaccess then
> > Application/index.shtml works.
>This sounds like Application/index.shtml needs a resource in LoanDept to 

But index.shtml contains

<!--#exec cgi="/cgibin/storApp.cgi"-->

and there is no protection on the cgi-bin. The storApp.cgi script uses Perl 
packages in ../perllib, and they're all rw-------. Running suexec, and both 
subdir index.shtml's are identical. The cgi script is rwx------

>I think your setup is a little more complicated than you have explained so 
>far - have another look at it and try to work out exactly how each 
>resource is supposed to come together.

Owen it seems that adding the override (.htaccess) directives are what 
messed things up, but it doesn't make sense to me based on my limited 
knowledge of Apache configs. What you suggest about the one needing a 
resource protected by the other makes sense - don't see where that's 
happening though.

Will look at it again this afternoon with a clearer head.



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