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From "Adam Hewitt" <>
Subject [users@httpd] Apache2 + userdir + suexec -- getting there :S
Date Thu, 08 Dec 2005 03:46:57 GMT
Hi All,
I am now one step further in diagnosing/fixing this issue that I am
currently experiencing.
I now have a test setup which has removed all LDAP functionality and is
reading directly from the /etc/passwd file. Now, if someone browses to I have a
rewrite in place to change the ~username to,
which matches the user I have in the /etc/passwd file. This works for
normal html pages, but it still fails for cgi's.
I have ruled out suexec as being the issue altogether. I modified the
suexec code to output the arguments it was recieving from apache right
at the beginning of the code, and found that if I remove the rewrite and
use the full username in the URL then it works and suexec outputs to the
log, but if I use the rewrite it fails and I get no output to the log
file. Therefore the issue is laying somewhere inside the apache code.
So, can anyone suggest a way to keep the browser from seeing any rewrite
so that there is no change from ~username from the customers point of
view, or sugegst any reason why this would be failing? I feel that this
is an apache bug, but it may be by design...and my C skills are not high
enough to be able to go through the entire apache code base to try and
modify my version to get around this issue.

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