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From Christopher Deeley <>
Subject [users@httpd] HTTP AUTH
Date Sat, 24 Dec 2005 17:40:34 GMT
Can anyone tell me, is there a way of doing the following or any alternate

I would like to set up a user folder for each user on my site and the only
method I know to stop anyone but the user accessing that folder is to use
htaccess to require the valid user. I have PHP running as a module on
Apache. Is there a way to pass username & password from a form to a php
script which will set the values of $_SERVER['HTTP_AUTH_USER'] and
$_SERVER['HTTP_AUTH_PW'] ? I currently have a page which does the usual
pop-up login box thingy so these values are set automatic but I would like
to get rid of it.

Also if there a way to logout?

I used to use sessions to validate the user and restrict access to pages but
I found people could still access pictures. Is there a way to use a form
based login (like I did before with sessions) and still restrict access to a
folder by only allowing one user in?

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