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From talk host <>
Subject [users@httpd] error while compiling mod_auth_tacacs for apache 1.3.33
Date Mon, 26 Dec 2005 11:26:41 GMT

    I would be thankful if any one can help me on following:
    I am tring to compile mod_auth_tacacs2 for apache 1.3.33 on solaris 8 using:
    ./configure --with-apache=./apache_1.3.33
    I tried below also:
    ./configure --with-apxs=./apache_1.3.33/bin/apxs
    I'm getting error: "syntax error at line 1420: `AM_CONDITIONAL' unexpected"
    I have installed automake-1.9.6, autoconf-2.59b,m4-1.4.4, mod_ssl-2.8.24-1.3.33,openssl-0.9.8a.
    apache & ssl compiled successfully 
    I compile ssl using :
    ./configure --with-apache=/apache_1.3 --with-ssl==../openssl-0.9.4
    And apache using:
    ./configure --prefix=./apache_1.3.33 --enable-module=so --enable-shared=ssl  --enable-module=ssl
    I can see there is a patch available for tacacs module platform at below url:
    but I'm not   sure weather it is for mod_auth_tacacs2 or older version?
    I have tried this patch & unable to patch it.
    Can any one help me ?

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