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From "Bill Belew" <>
Subject [users@httpd] Using Apache with dns4me
Date Sun, 18 Dec 2005 21:13:32 GMT
I am very new to using apache, but I did have things works earlier this
morning.  I use Rhinosoft's dns4me to resolve my dynamic ip.  I installed
apache and I haven't changed any defaults.  I started dns4me using port 80
and I was able to get into my web page.  
Now it seems that the load order has changed for apache and dns4me and
things are no longer working.  Before, the entry for apache in the sys tray
said 0 of 1 services running, but since it stopped working, it says all
services running.  I think dns4me was loading first before and they were
both sharing port 80, but now dns4me says it can't start on port 80 because
another application is using that port.  
I tried changing the 80 after my web address in the apache config file to
8080 and starting dns4me on 8080, but I still can't get to my page.  
Just as further info, I did forward port 80 for apache in my router to my
main computer's static ip and that seemed to make things work for a while.  
Please, any suggestions about how to resolve this port conflict?

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