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From Ronald C.F.Antony <>
Subject [users@httpd] webDav access to home directory as user
Date Sat, 26 Nov 2005 17:28:09 GMT

I have a scenario where a regular network file system is out of  
question (firewall and ISP restrictions).

Users have regular accounts on a Linux machine, where they store  
their files, and if they are security critical, also have a user  
mountable cryptoloop file system which is mounted via ssh script on  
demand, if access is required and unmounted when no longer needed.  
This cryptoloop file system is mounted on a mount point below each  
user's home.

What I need is a way to give users the ability to mount their regular  
home directories via SSL secured webDAV in such a way that
a) their regular user names and passwords apply (no separate "web  
b) all files are accessed by the webDAV server with the privileges of  
the user logged in, i.e. regular Unix permissions apply and files are  
created with the proper ownerships and permissions if they are uploaded.

a) and b) are important because the users may use the files sometimes  
directly on the Linux computer, and sometimes via the WebDAV mount.  
In other words, something that requires syncing of "regular files"  
and "files in a WebDAV repository" isn't called for, and we can't  
require special permissions on the files or risk that WebDAV writes  
files with permissions that prevents the user from fully manipulating  
the files when logged in on the Linux machine proper.

Is there a recommended way of doing this? I can't really find much  
documentation on how to use either regular user passwords for (SSL  
secured) WebDAV login, or how to make sure that the WebDAV file  
operations are executed with the UID/GID of the user using the service.

Any pointers highly welcome!


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