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From "Clive Dowler" <>
Subject [users@httpd] Help needed.
Date Wed, 02 Nov 2005 11:01:53 GMT
Hello all,

            I have just taken on the job of attempting to house my mothers
website for her.  She orignally payed someone to make the site for her but
she wasn't happy with the results, and fell back on the fail safe of
emotionally blackmailing her youngest son into attempting it.  


            I have now, I think, got the web site to her satisfaction (I
hope, although I'm always expecting that phone call of, 'can you just do


It has been a struggle for me as I'm dyslexic and find most books in this
area very hard to read. :-(


The site has been running, and tested , but now she wants me to put it on to
some search engines.


After several nights with my web pages for dummies book, I think I know what
I need to do to get the search engines to pick the website up.  The first
being to give it a more meaningful title.  This is where I get stuck.  I've
followed what the books told me to do and if I test locally the Title
changes as I wanted.  However once I try to look at it via the web (using
apache as the server) the title dosen't show up and I just get <>  instead, and not
the title 'Finca Auroum a Spanish house to rent for the summer'.


I am at the moment using a machine running win 98 (yes I know its not ideal
but for the moment, it free, and I didn't have to do to much to it to get it
to work, Eventually I'll swap it to Linux but that will take some time to
read the relevant documents)


Is there something in the config file I need to change, or am I missing some
thing else.?


Thank You.


Clive Dowler


P.S.  Please post replyies in as plainer English as possible as I find it
easier to read.

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