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From "Kjell Grindalen" <>
Subject SV: [users@httpd] High cpu load on apache
Date Wed, 23 Nov 2005 07:12:29 GMT
Hello, and thank you for the reply!

First of all I am not using any dynamically loaded module, and I am not
realyy using the proxy module either.
I could eaily rmove them and get the same functonality

Here is the output of pstack of a process taking nearly 50% cpu
I will try to get gdb working if this is not saying anything to anyone
I tried running pstack on the same process at intervals, and the output
looks pretty much the same every time

 pstack -F 28263
28263:  /usr/local/apache_prod/bin/httpd -k start
 ff309df4 apr_pool_cleanup_kill (45b798, 1f7f30, ffffffff, 7efefeff,
81010100, ff00) + 20
 0003d51c ap_http_header_filter (1e1ca8, 45b798, 1e3971, 45c9c0, 68,
3d0d4) + 448
 0006861c ap_pass_brigade (1e1ca8, 45b798, ffbff050, 45c9c0, a6d70, 0) +
 0006acac ap_content_length_filter (1, 45b798, ff375c9c, 45c9c0, 4549a8,
6ac10) + 9c
 0006861c ap_pass_brigade (1e1c90, 45b798, 45b798, 45b79c, 45b79c,
1d91b8) + 44
 0006861c ap_pass_brigade (1e2328, 45b7b8, 1e1c90, 1f7f30, 1e2328,
45b7bc) + 44
 0006b350 ap_rflush (1e1010, ffffffff, 1e1010, 0, 0, 0) + 44
 feda80e0 cb_write_body (ffbff714, 1f7f30, ffffffff, 0, 0, 0) + f0
 fedbef4c writeResponseBody (ffbff480, 1f7f30, ffffffff, 7efefeff,
81010100, ff00) + 2c
 fedc7794 esiResponsePassThru (ffbff480, 1cf900, 1e3971, 48, 68,
ff0a7c14) + e4
 fedc7310 esiResponseWrite (1cf928, 1, 1, 0, 6f0008, 73000000) + 28
 fedc3c64 esiHandleRequest (ffbff480, 1, ffffffff, 7efefeff, 81010100,
ff00) + f4
 fedb22f8 websphereHandleRequest (ffbff714, 1e1da0, f4240, f4240, 74,
72) + 350
 feda7560 as_handler (1e1010, 1e20dc, 116708, 0, a5c10, 12bbb0) + 150
 0005a388 ap_run_handler (1e1010, 0, 3b, 0, 12b610, 12b6a0) + 3c
 0005a948 ap_invoke_handler (1101c8, 90800, 1e1010, 0, feea0020, 1) + 78
 0003f890 ap_process_request (1e1010, a6800, 4, 1e1010, a6868, 0) + b0
 0003aab0 ap_process_http_connection (1d50b8, 1d4fe0, 1d4fe0, 4, a6868,
12c108) + f4
 00065cac ap_run_process_connection (1d50b8, 1d4fe0, 1d4fe0, 4, 1d3018,
1d8fb8) + 3c
 00058c34 child_main (1d3038, 1, a5800, a6c00, 1d8fb8, 4e2e) + 3b0
 00058d8c make_child (58400, 4, 0, 10, feea1360, 1d2b7c) + b4
 00058ea0 startup_children (5, 2, 5, a5800, a, 6) + 6c
 00059668 ap_mpm_run (a5800, ede40, 0, a6800, a5800, a5800) + 5a4
 0005f548 main     (b1d50, b6bd8, ffbffcac, a6d60, a5c00, a5c00) + 610
 00026990 _start   (0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0) + 5c 


Kjell Grindalen

-----Opprinnelig melding-----
Fra: Joshua Slive [] 
Sendt: 22. november 2005 16:19
Emne: Re: [users@httpd] High cpu load on apache

On 11/22/05, Kjell Grindalen <> wrote:
> I am runninng apache-2.0.55 on a Solaris 9 SPARC server.
> I use the server a a frontend for my websphere 5.1 server My configure

> looks like this
> ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/apache_prod --with-mpm=prefork 
> --enable-info --enable-so --enable-rewrite --enable-proxy 
> --enable-static-rotatelogs

And what modules are dynamically loaded?

> My problem is that after a while, some requests makes one or sometimes

> more, of my httpd servers hit the roof cpu-wise.
> And it stays there til I kille the process.

> A truss on the process only gives what you can see down below.

Much more useful would be to attach to the process with a debugger to
see what it is really doing.  Some info is at:


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