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From "david micheneau" <>
Subject [users@httpd] proxy and chunk mode
Date Mon, 10 Oct 2005 15:08:16 GMT


I've a trouble with the chunk mode connection pass through a proxy.

It seems that the content-length is not forwarded when you use chunk
mode via a proxy mode: CHANGE-LOG in :

*) SECURITY: CAN-2005-2088 (
     proxy: Correctly handle the Transfer-Encoding and Content-Length
     headers.  Discard the request Content-Length whenever T-E: chunked
     is used, always passing one of either C-L or T-E: chunked whenever 
     the request includes a request body.  Resolves an entire class of
     proxy HTTP Request Splitting/Spoofing attacks.  [William Rowe]


But now, how we treat a http request, if we don't know the content
length via proxy mode ?


May be a noob question but: Why Apache doesn't calculate the
content-length himself before to send via the proxy handler ?




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