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From "Goddard Lee" <>
Subject RE: [users@httpd] welcome.conf not being incorporated into httpd.conf correctly
Date Wed, 12 Oct 2005 06:19:00 GMT
Not sure what you deleted or what your 'welcome.conf' is.
Maybe try setting an absolute ServerRoot and Include..

	I'm new to Apache but I've done my homework with the manuals,
FAQ, and knowledgebase and still can't figure it out.  When I use the
http configuration tool the documentation says that the
etc/httpd/config.d subdirectory will be searched for *.conf files and
they will be added into the httpd.conf file.  I have commented out the 4
lines in the welcome.conf file but the httpd.conf file still has the
lines active, not commented out.  I have deleted the httpd.conf file so
I know a new one was created and I can see my welcome.conf file with all
lines commented out.  Is there some other place where the http
configuration tool is getting this information?  I called a tech support
( company and they said not to use the tool because it has
problems.  They said "everybody edits the httpd.conf file by hand".


	I have these settings in my httpd.conf

	            ServerRoot "etc/httpd"

	Include conf.d/*.conf



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