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From Lars Ohlén <>
Subject [users@httpd] Apache 2: mod_rewrite
Date Sat, 15 Oct 2005 09:37:59 GMT

We have recently installed Apache 2.0.54 and very pleased with the product.

Now I need to understand how to setup mod_rewrite for this senario (newbee question I guess)

We have some .jsp and servlets that are used as normal within our web application (using mod_jk
to forward these req. to a tomcat process)
Some of these scripts are also accessed by external script  (ex. wget)

Because of the security product we are using for single sign-on these scripts needs to be
accessed with a differnt URL
(this allowing the security product to handle the authentiacatin differently: NTLM for users
and Basic Auth. for scripts)

So the same script (ex TheServlet) needs to be accessed both using the URL

/webapp/servlet/TheServlet and

The easy solution is of course to duplicate the webapp and to create an additional script
web application with the same scripts. But
this is not very good from a maintance point of view (needs to duplicate many scripts and
helper classes)

But could this not be solved using mod_rewrite?

Simpy to map /script to /webapp

Preferably we would like to control each indivdual script and to have mod_rewrite to append
some extra information so that the
script could (if needed) identify if the invocation was from a script of from a webapp user.

Please advice!




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