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From Richard Kelsch <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] Weird CGI problem in Windows XP
Date Mon, 25 Jul 2005 20:45:13 GMT
Joshua Slive wrote:

>On 7/23/05, Richard Kelsch <> wrote:
>>None of my Perl scripts run anymore via Apache.
>>Let me explain.  I've been writing simple Perl CGI scripts to run on a
>>local Apache service via port 8888.  Using a web browser on localhost
>>has been an easy way of writing friendly software with a familiar web
>>interface.  All of the production machines do not have the problem, but
>>suddenly and out of the blue my CGI scripts refused to run.  When I
>>click on the link to run them I get no response.  At the bottom of the
>>browser status bar I get a quick "loading" message and then a "Done" and
>>nothing has changed, as if I never clicked on the link.
>Sounds pretty strange.  Do you have all firewalls turned off?  I can
>imagine some sneaky firewall rejecting requests for anything ending in
Of course, that was the first thing I thought of, but thanks for the 
suggestion.  The Windows XP Firewall (useless as it is), I turned it off 
and repeatedly checked.  I even restarted just because it was Windows 
(you never know).  The firewall is not an issue, in fact, the exceptions 
list lists Apache as well.  Nevertheless, I turned it off to make sure.  
It doesn't matter.

>>I checked the error logs and nothing shows up just the starting up of
>>Apache messages.  I typed in a bogus path and that showed up in the
>>error logs.
>It is very odd that nothing shows up in the logs, and leads me to
>suspect that the request is never making it to apache.  You could try
>mod_log_forensic, which logs the request much earlier in the process,
>to see if apache ever sees the request.
Actually, I started to investigate the DNS side of things more 
thoroughly.  My Windows XP seems to be ignoring the hosts file.  It 
seems to be the cause (I would guess).  I've made sure that "lmhosts" is 
checked in the TCP/IP settings (I even turned if off, restarted, tested, 
turned it on, restarted, tested) yet hosts seems to be ignored.

I would bet this was the result of some nasty ad-ware that caused XP to 
ignore its hosts file.  I have not been able to find a cure.  I run 
"Spy-Bot Search and Destroy" and "Ad-Aware" quite regularly.  Perhaps 
they caught something more nasty than I cared to read about and just 
removed it.

Therefore, I'd say you're right about Apache not even being reached.   
Nevertheless, I did try manually, but still no dice.

Thanks anyway for the help.

Richard Kelsch

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